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White Columns is New York’s oldest alternative art space. It was founded in 1970 by Jeffrey Lew and Gordon Matta-Clark as an experimental platform for artists. Originally located in SoHo (and known as the 112 Workshop/112 Greene Street), the organization was renamed White Columns when it moved to Spring Street in 1979. In 1991 White Columns moved to Christopher Street in the West Village, and in 1998 the gallery relocated to its present address on the border of the West Village and Meat Packing District. White Columns presents an ongoing program of exhibitions, projects, talks, screenings, and events. It is a not-for-profit gallery which is open to the public, free-of-charge, eleven months per year.

Over the past forty-six years, hundreds of artists have benefited from early exposure and support at White Columns, including: Gordon Matta-Clark, Jene Highstein, Barry Le Va, Alice Aycock, Richard Nonas, Jackie Windsor, Willoughby Sharp, Susan Rothenberg, Kiki Smith, Harmony Hammond, William Wegman, Peter Fend, Sonic Youth, Barbara Ess, John Miller, David Robbins, Jack Goldstein, John Stezaker, David Wojnarowicz, Michael Smith, Douglas Blau, Ashley Bickerton, Group Material, Felix Gonzalez-Torres, Andres Serrano, Fred Wilson, Sturtevant, Cady Noland, ACT-UP, Lorna Simpson, John Currin, Sean Landers, Verne Dawson, Marlene McCarty, Lutz Bacher, Tom Burr, Jim Hodges, Glenn Ligon, Jack Pierson, Kathe Burkhart, Richard Phillips, Sarah Sze, and Aida Ruilova, amongst many others.

Since 2005, we have presented the work of more than 500 artists – of all generations – in more than 100 individual exhibitions and projects, including: Michele O’Marah, Carter, Aurie Ramirez, Simon Martin, Judy Linn, Jack Jaeger, Eileen Quinlan, Elena Pankova, Robin Graubard, Frank Majore, Dodie Bellamy, Kevin Killian, Colter Jacobsen, John Stezaker, William Scott, Mitzi Pederson, Luke Fowler, Paul Butler, Steven Claydon, Sarah Anne Lobb, Simon Bedwell, Donald Urquhart, Graham Durward, and Lars Laumann, amongst many others.

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