The Art Newspaper – One of Berlin’s most recognisable architectural landmarks, Haus der Kulturen der Welt (House of World Cultures, HKW), re-opened last week after a €10m revamp with Transmediale, a festival on art and digital technologies. First launched as a video art festival, Transmediale has evolved into an internationally-celebrated event over the past 30 years. It now includes an art exhibition and a conference exploring the ever-deepening relationship between culture and technology.

Under the title Ever Elusive, this year’s Transmediale (until 5 March) drew large crowds to HKW’s halls on the opening night. The exhibition “Allien Matter,” features 17 works by artists such as Katja Novitskova and Mark Leckey, and ranges from a monumental sculpture of fibre optic cables by Evan Roth to a display of bottled synthetic chemicals by Aliens in Green. The works share an ambivalence (a mixture of paranoia and nostalgia) towards technology. Meanwhile, a new exhibition hall in the lower foyer was screening the early films of computer art pioneer Lillian Schwartz during the preview. – read more

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