By Dan Aldo

The most compelling aspect and the main attribute in the plexiglass sculptures by Franco Paletta is his drive to articulate a dynamic equilibrium by bringing into play a perpetual and dynamic conflict of colors, shapes and voids. What lies at the heart of his work is the vital and rich reconciliation between a sense of infinite expandable space, an exteriority, and an equally persistent urge toward a withdrawal from the world and into a personal space that filled with a rapturous sense of exhilaration.

Paletta’s looming and tremulous shapes and use of color evoke the gathering point of fading perceptions and the locus of newly emerging interpretations that include the persuasive unraveling of closed systems. Playfulness and paradox infiltrate the artist’s efforts. One of these paradoxes is the issue of relative space which allows us as viewers to conceive of parts of infinite spaces, voids within fullness.

The result is an exceedingly rich body of work that seems compulsive, spontaneous and deliberate all at once. It is both contemporary in sensibility yet classic in its maturity and emotional intelligence. Fundamentally, it is the associative fluidity of the artist’s sculptural pieces that compels us to take stock of the fundamental ambiguity, which harbors an inherent plasticity.

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