“Finding meaning in meaningless…”

Paul Zimmerman in conversation with Jung-Sook Park

Paul Zimmerman: How did you develop interest in art?

Jung-Sook Park:  Like the sound of the rain at down someone knocked on the door of inner consciousness.
I followed the sound. It was an endless journey to find the light.

PZ: Your patterns have a meditative quality. Is there a spiritual aspect to your work?

JSP: Recognizing the inner space the everyone has. if you shape the margin.
After all, it is a point and universe, it will be one wave and one particle.

PZ: How do you create your work?

JSP:Making dots.Connecting points and points creates a lineConnecting lines and lines creates  an infinite side.
In that aspect there is everyting in the world that exists. Even coincidence and inevitable.

PZ: Have your practice changed over time?

JSP: Gradually.

PZ:  What inspires you?

JSP: The stars in the sky. The wind blowing through the forest.

PZ: What is your definition of art?

JSP: A trip that leaves me.

PZ:  How would you describe your style?

JSP: They all seem the same, but are slightly different. But the other is not wrong. Everyone is beautiful.

PZ: Which artists are you most influenced by?

JSP: I like the works of surrealist artists.

PZ:  What are you working on now?

JSP: Finding meaning in meaninglessness.

PZ: Does this pandemic impact your work and sensibility?

JSP: I’m working slowly, adjusting to difficult situations through the tunnel of awakening and reflection. Slowly. Slowly.

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