“I am what I create…”

Paul Zimmerman in conversation with Alan Reddick


Paul Zimmerman: You explore figuration in your work. What is it important?

Alan Reddick: It important that I capture the essence of the subject Im painting or sculpting. I want the viewer to feel my subject to relate to it. Maybe have something in their own life that can possible relate to it. Most of all I want them to be moved.

PZ: What is the most challenging aspect of your paintings and sculptures?

AR: The most challenging thing in my painting and sculpture is to capture the images the individual I made be painting of sculpting. If just slightly off you make have someone completely different this has happened to me a few times. Where someone would say this looks like so and so and it will not be who I intended it to be. I work  really hard to make sure my portraits and bust look like the person its suppose to be.

PZ: What is your artistic process? How do you create your works?

AR: Sometimes, without even being aware I will look at a photo and a light goes off in my head, and I’ll say I have to paint that. This happened recently on a painting of a photo I saw and painted recently of Dizzy Gillespie and Thelonious Monk. I also will look at many photos and choses the one that I feel will fit my style most to create.

PZ: Do you have any particular goal in mind when your start a new piece?

AR: Im a perfectionist with my work. My goal is to create the best possible painting or sculpture I can. It’s very exciting starting new piece I usually can’t wait to get started.after the piece is finished I want to feel a sense of accomplishment that I have something I would like the world to see.                                                            

PZ: How would you describe yourself as an artist?

AR: I am what I create. My life experience is seen all throughout my work. If I  feel strong about a social issue you will see it in my work. I would relate my art in some respects to a musician because I try to create music in  my work. I would like the effect to be like a song. Most things about my character is some how related to art.

PZ: Have your practice changed over time?

AR: I have evolved over time to the artist I am today. I look at my early works and my work now and I can see where I have advanced particularly with my watercolors. Im much more patient now and im very particular about the paintbrushes I use. I will not paint unless I have to perfect brush for my work.

PZ: Which artists are you most influenced by?

AR: I don’t know if there is any one artist I am influenced the most by. One artist that may have had an early influence on my art and style is Marcel Duchamp, with his “Nude descending a staircase.’ I liked the movement in this particular painting. And you can see that motion in a lot of my paintings. I was also influenced by the cubist paintings of Pablo Picasso and George Braque.

PZ: How would you define art?

AR: Art is a feeling inside that hits people different ways. Its an expression from individuals and even nature itself to leave an impact that will thought provoke your spirt and soul.

PZ: What are you working on now?

AR: Recently the great Cuban Candido Camero passed away at the age of 99. Im currently doing a water color of him.

PZ: How does the pandemic influence your work and sensibility?

AR: Back in March I went to the studio at the Arts Student League to do sculpting and got sick with covid the school is still closed and I have not done a sculpture since. Have been forced to really just paint and in a strange way I think it has made me a more creative painter. One of my last pieces is actually about covid its titled  ‘2020 will always be hind site’.


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